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Celebrating 5 Years! 

This month marks the 5th anniversary of Thrive Nonprofit Solutions. I began Thrive because frankly when I was looking for a job when we received word that we were moving back to Indianapolis, nothing sounded as good as what I used to do --- consulting. When I began reaching out to my Indiana connections, it became clear that if I were willing to take a leap of faith, I could do this on my own.

I began my consulting career at a company in South Bend where I was able to take my education and put it into practice and gain amazing hands-on experience. My boss at the time took a chance on me when I repeatedly heard that I was “over-educated and under-experienced” for a lot of the jobs for which I was applying. Since then, I have grown a lot in my professional capacity and would truly not have been here without that experience.

When I was in high school, undergraduate, or even graduate school, I never would have thought that I would end up as a business owner- let alone by the time I was 30. It was not my goal in life. This kind of consulting is not something that is a normal career path or regularly discussed. Now, five years later, I can honestly say that there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

I have been extremely fortunate to not only be able to start my own business but also be in a position where I have enough work to hire part-time assistance during the busy season. Through hard work and the amazing support of my husband, I celebrate the last five years of Thrive and look forward to the next thirty.

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