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Thrive Nonprofit Solutions strives to help those who help others. Nonprofits and public sector agencies have to do more with less- and the work being done is more important than ever. Thrive will work with you to ensure your precious resources are used efficiently to meet the needs of your clients and community.

Planning & Coaching

Assessment & Evaluation

Grant Writing

Whether it is program planning or a full strategic plan for the organization, Thrive helps organizations create a roadmap for growth. We work with agencies and boards to utilize data to develop programs to meet the needs of their clients. Effective programs and organizations start with effective boards. Thrive coaches boards of directors to understand their roles and responsibilities and to plan for the recruitment of new members. 

Evaluations are essential to ensure funding is being used towards programs and services that work. We have conducted program evaluations and community needs assessments on a variety of topics. Thrive often utilizes mixed-method approaches such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and analysis of secondary data sources. Thrive can also assist your organization in developing data collection plans and tools tailored to your needs. 

Thrive assists agencies in developing and submitting proposals for funding. We have successfully acquired over $10 million through local, state and federal grants for programs ranging from after-school programs to domestic violence programming to court systems. 

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